Sunday, January 27, 2008

Little Blessings

Well, Tysen and Jacksen are like night and day when it comes to public speaking. Every Sunday since J has been in Primary he asks if he can talk in the "big microphone." Tysen on the other hand gets very nervous when he is asked to talk in Primary. Today was his second talk. He did a great job but he puts his mouth over the microphone and giggles quite a bit, nervous twitches?? Anyways the theme for the month is "I am a Child of God and He has a Plan for Me." Tysen talked about his earthly family and his Father in Heaven who both love him very much. He also said that he knows if he chooses the right he can live with his family forever. Even through the laughing and spit on the microphone, I knew he knew these things were true. I am so glad to be in a family with so much love and feel so lucky! I am concerned however at what Jacksen's nervous twitches might be........?


Paul & Daneen

I was so excited when Carson gave his first talk in Primary but you could hardly hear him. Hes getting way better. I think its awesome that they have them talk in Primary its a good testimony builder. Cute picture.


Ok, this is a way cute picture, but I'm pretty sure that if you stuck glasses on J he would be George McFly! MCFLY! I'm going to buy him some!


I love primary talks. I'm always hoping that they will say something funny. Is that bad?


Hey Lani!Thanks for leaving a comment on our blog. Making old connections through the blogging world is amazing! Your family is adorable!! Just wanted to say hello back:)