Friday, December 18, 2009

Eme's Blessing and Updates!

I'm a little behind on.....well everything lately! Emersen was blessed a few weeks ago and it was a great day. There are a few things I will remember about that day...

-How nervous her poor daddy was...he wanted it to be perfect, and of course it was.

-The red boots aunt Lacy wore...loved them and loved her being there.

-Turning around in Sacrament Meeting to see Jacksen (who was sitting with my parents) wearing the HUGE blue star clown sunglasses he snuck into the church bag.

-The amazing love and peace I felt that day.

-The sweet words in her blessing, knowing that she was going to bring so much joy to everyone around her.

The day was perfect and I'm so grateful to all of our friends and family who were there to share it with us. Emersen is doing great! I wish I had a more recent picture (coming very soon)! She has actually been tube-free for 2 days now. The doc said after about two months her blood vessels would relax and there was a chance she would no longer need the oxygen....I think I got that right but I also may have just totally butchered what he said. Anyways, it is so nice to stare at her perfect little face without her "entourage" of equipment :). She continues to have a very sweet and calm personality. Everyone who holds her comments that they could sit and hold her forever. Jacksen cannot get enough of her...they have a special bond that Eric and I just love to watch. She looks at him different than anyone else and turns to wherever his voice is in the room....yes, it makes me a little nervous that they may already be conspiring against me....but I also think he has the most tender heart and will be a great big brother to her.

Sometimes I cannot believe I have four children and the direction my life has taken, but my family brings me more joy....and laundry :) than I could have ever imagined.