Monday, November 17, 2008

Lucky Seven

Has it really been seven years already? I know it's cliche, but it really does feel like just the other day that Eric and I were just having fun and dating without having to hire a babysitter. Now we very rarely even eat out because to feed a family of five takes more than this cheap mom wants to spend. I do have to say though, we still have just as much fun! Love you babe!

Monday, November 10, 2008

For Uncle Jimmer....Laid Up in the Hospital

I had to share this conversation Jacksen and I had on the way to get Ty from school today.

Jacksen: Mom, do I have blood in me?

Me: Yep

Jacksen: Why?

Me: That's just how Heavenly Father made us.

Jacksen: But I came in a box.

Me: What? Came where?

Jacksen: You know, the customers picked me, and then I came to you in a box.

Me: Honey, you came out of mom's tummy, remember when Ady was in my tummy?

(literally funny)

Friday, November 7, 2008

The Princess and the "Pee"

That's right....23 months and potty trained! I just wish I could take credit for it. Okay, I did purchase the adorable pink throne, but as for the rest...Ady did it pretty much on her own. Once she got that she couldn't stand up and pee (she has two older brothers), she had it figured out. I have it figured out that it has been almost six years straight of buying diapers and I am one happy woman right now!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Gotta love Halloween. The costumes, the candy, and yes...the screaming, sugar-filled children too. This year, Tysen was an army ranger..."G.I. TY." Jacksen was a horse, and Adysen was a bumblebee. It was lots of fun and even though Eric had a game, we survived another Halloween!

This is J and his cousin Mykenzie. I love this picture, I just know we will laugh at it someday.

This is the end of the night. Would it really be Halloween without Hocus Pocus and popcorn?

Friday, October 31, 2008

Carving Fun!

Well here it is...our Jack-O-Leonard. We carved this baby for FHE this week and as you can tell, had lots of fun doing it. It's always such a mess but the kids were really into it this year and they even carved the face themselves. This is actually considered a decent family picture.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Six Quirky Things...Not a Problem

1. I hide my toothbrush. My kids insist on using my bathroom to brush their teeth and all too often they "borrow" mine. Well, enough is enough, I have resorted to a secret hiding spot in the closet. Who knew?

2. I refuse to make two trips from the car to the house with grocery bags. Okay, I admit that the occasional trip to Sam's Club is an exception. For the most part however, I will use my freakish strength to carry ALL of the grocery bags in one trip. Why make two, when clearly it can be done in one? (Who needs a pinkie finger anyways?)

3. I tell mommy lies. Yes, it's true....and it works. My kids think that if boys wear earrings their ears will turn black and eventually fall off. I told them once that a certain button in our car would blow us up and every time Ady gets near it the boys cover their ears. Finally, mom's can always see if you do something naughty, even if she's not there. (My personal favorite.)

4. Okay, now you die hard Twilight fans hold onto your hats but I didn't finish the last two chapters of the series. I keep meaning to finish it but it just got a little out of hand for me. Don't get me wrong, I loved the first two books and could not put them down but I totally lost interest towards the end and just couldn't finish it. I know...I will before I see the movie, calm down.

5. I proofread all of your blogs. Please don't hate me, it is a habit that I cannot get rid of. When words are spelled wrong or the grammar is incorrect, I get all excited and want to make red marks all over the computer screen. That absolutely does not mean that mine is in anyway perfect, but I must admit that I often blog with a dictionary in hand just in case I run into a word that trips me up.

6. I am fighting a severe addiction to Diet Dr. Pepper with extra ice and a slice of lemon. Yes, thanks to Sonic and their brilliant idea of "Happy Hour," around two o'clock every day I feel the need to drink 44 ounces of carbonation and aspartame. I really am trying, any suggestions?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Football season is well underway at the Leonard house! This was the first game that I took ALL the kids to (daddy is the trainer...and a coach). They actually made it until halftime and we had a great time. Thank you Aunt Amanda! Ady loved it, which made her dad very happy and J was good as long as his popcorn didn't run out! Tysen is our little sports fanatic so of course he was just happy to be there. Here are a few pictures of my bundled up was really cold!

Jacksen: "Mom, why are we all tied up?"

Ady was rockin' her new football bows.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Coolest Kids on The Block

Birthday Party Hangover

This is what I like to refer to as Jacksen's "Birthday Party Hangover." He has been to a bunch of parties lately and these are a couple of the things he has collected. It has however taken its toll...he slept like this the whole time we were waiting for Ty to get out of school.

What do you think?

Jacksen: Mom, guess what I dreamed about?
Me: (super excited because this is usually fairly interesting) What?
Jacksen: Your head was white and you were turning into Grandma!
I have to agree, people tell me all the time that I look just like my mom, and my brothers and sisters tell me I act just like her. I just didn't know that my 4 year old was picking up on it.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Gotta Love It...

Tysen: Mom, where are you going?

Me: I'm going to Young Women's, Ty.

Tysen: But you're old.

Move Over Beck...

Tysen is playing soccer this year for the first time and is loving every second of it. He even has a little victory dance when he scores a goal.....our Tysen, always the entertainer. It has been fun to watch him run around with the other five-year-olds and try to remember which way they're supposed to be running.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Birthday Wish....

Today was "Aunt Lacy's" Birthday and Tysen wanted to call her so bad when he got home from school. She goes to work at three (in Montana) so he couldn't call...thus the post. Here's to an awesome aunt, great mom, and best sister! We love you and hope you had a great day!

PS> We didn't forget about you Shawn...the kids talk about you and your mad fishing skills ALL the time...hope you had a great Birthday too!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Blog Vacation

The Boys at Mussigbrod (Sp.? Jimmer?) didn't burn down the house.....just took a blog vacation. We have been having so much fun that I just haven't had time to share it all. I have lots of pictures to catch up on and most of them are from our annual family trip to Montana. We had an awesome time seeing everyone and just hanging out with the mosquitos. They were pretty bad this year...but I always say there has to be something to keep the people away, otherwise everyone would go there. It is so beautiful and the kids love all the fishing and animals. The kids even saw their first moose this year! Anyways it was great, even spending almost 40 hours in the car with three kids. Benadryl, popcorn puffs, and Jonas Brothers will make any trip enjoyable! More recently the kids and I accompanied Eric to Tucson for an Education Conference. We got to stay at a sweet resort for five days and had so much fun. I have included some of those pics too. Enjoy!!
The "fam" at Pintler Falls

The kids on the Fourth.....I know but its the best one I got.

Ty and J at their favorite spot behind the "BIG HOUSE."

Tysen with a member of the Battalion at the Battlefield

Ty and his Uncle Shawn with the catch of the day!

Papa with Adysen and cousin Cash (Lacy's) cute.

Eric with Sid....biggest dog ever.

Kids with Grandpa Dan, and Ady with Uncle Jimmer.

J and Uncle Jimmer on the four-wheeler.

Okay...I know what this looks like, but no, Tysen is not peeing in the water outside of the Salt Lake Temple.

Kids at the Logan Temple

Ady at the top of the Ventana Canyon Trail in Tucson.

Eric and I at the end of the trail. (Tysen took this pic., not bad huh!)

Monday, May 19, 2008

"Brothers and Sisters"

I've been wanting to update my blog lately and just haven't had much to say so I thought I'd send a shout out to some of my favorite people. My brother recently got hitched (not pictured) and we had the rare opportunity of all being together. It was a blast and I love you all!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I wanted to get a good picture of the kids for their bathroom and I had this idea to put them in this old tub that was in my in-laws shed. I love how the pictures came out and this is the one I ended up using. It is in the sepia color in my bathroom but I couldn't figure out how to get it like that on here. I should post the ones that I didn't use.....nah, let's not.

I need a nap.

There is never a dull moment when Jacksen is around. I have never meet anyone quite like him! Half the time he makes me want to pull my hair out, but he is so loving and cuddly at the same time. I couldn't resist sharing some of his most recent antics! I love this boy so much!!

Jacksen stuck in the soccer net.

He has to wear my shades when we are waiting in the car for preschool to start.

Jacksen stuck in the basketball hoop.
He never wears clothes when we are home, and this is the last time I saw my vaccum attachments. Has anyone seen them??

"But mom, spider man just wanted to swim." What you can't see is the two inches of water on the bathroom floor. I think his brother helped him with this one.

What's with all the Bon Jovi music?

Well, I have kept my Bon Jovi songs playing for a while now anticipating the big day! I had a blast at the concert and even more fun being with my mom, Aunt Julie, and cousin Katee. We rocked out like we were 80's groupies and made some great memories. Here are a few pics of the big night.