Monday, October 13, 2008

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Football season is well underway at the Leonard house! This was the first game that I took ALL the kids to (daddy is the trainer...and a coach). They actually made it until halftime and we had a great time. Thank you Aunt Amanda! Ady loved it, which made her dad very happy and J was good as long as his popcorn didn't run out! Tysen is our little sports fanatic so of course he was just happy to be there. Here are a few pictures of my bundled up was really cold!

Jacksen: "Mom, why are we all tied up?"

Ady was rockin' her new football bows.


Stew and Traci

Ok so, you totally know your daughter is gorgeous, but let me just tell you she is in case you didnt know ;) SO fun Winslow Football. Go bulldogs!

Steve and Kim

I'm glad your kids liked watching the football game. Just curious, do they enjoy watching Michigan games as much?? We need to make red, white, and blue popcorn balls for the election! Remember how fun that was?!


awesome! the eyes, the coats the hair in bows, i love all of it! xoxo

Dan and Sarah

Adysen is a doll! So cute! Your whole family is so cute! Wish we lived a little closer so our kids could get to know each other! We really need to coordinate a Big Hole trip one of these days!

LeAnn and Cris

Way cute bows!! I tagged ya, check my blog for details