Saturday, August 23, 2008

Blog Vacation

The Boys at Mussigbrod (Sp.? Jimmer?) didn't burn down the house.....just took a blog vacation. We have been having so much fun that I just haven't had time to share it all. I have lots of pictures to catch up on and most of them are from our annual family trip to Montana. We had an awesome time seeing everyone and just hanging out with the mosquitos. They were pretty bad this year...but I always say there has to be something to keep the people away, otherwise everyone would go there. It is so beautiful and the kids love all the fishing and animals. The kids even saw their first moose this year! Anyways it was great, even spending almost 40 hours in the car with three kids. Benadryl, popcorn puffs, and Jonas Brothers will make any trip enjoyable! More recently the kids and I accompanied Eric to Tucson for an Education Conference. We got to stay at a sweet resort for five days and had so much fun. I have included some of those pics too. Enjoy!!
The "fam" at Pintler Falls

The kids on the Fourth.....I know but its the best one I got.

Ty and J at their favorite spot behind the "BIG HOUSE."

Tysen with a member of the Battalion at the Battlefield

Ty and his Uncle Shawn with the catch of the day!

Papa with Adysen and cousin Cash (Lacy's) cute.

Eric with Sid....biggest dog ever.

Kids with Grandpa Dan, and Ady with Uncle Jimmer.

J and Uncle Jimmer on the four-wheeler.

Okay...I know what this looks like, but no, Tysen is not peeing in the water outside of the Salt Lake Temple.

Kids at the Logan Temple

Ady at the top of the Ventana Canyon Trail in Tucson.

Eric and I at the end of the trail. (Tysen took this pic., not bad huh!)