Sunday, January 27, 2008

Little Blessings

Well, Tysen and Jacksen are like night and day when it comes to public speaking. Every Sunday since J has been in Primary he asks if he can talk in the "big microphone." Tysen on the other hand gets very nervous when he is asked to talk in Primary. Today was his second talk. He did a great job but he puts his mouth over the microphone and giggles quite a bit, nervous twitches?? Anyways the theme for the month is "I am a Child of God and He has a Plan for Me." Tysen talked about his earthly family and his Father in Heaven who both love him very much. He also said that he knows if he chooses the right he can live with his family forever. Even through the laughing and spit on the microphone, I knew he knew these things were true. I am so glad to be in a family with so much love and feel so lucky! I am concerned however at what Jacksen's nervous twitches might be........?

Fun Times

I am happy to report that we are all healthy! So what better way to celebrate than to take the kids to McDonalds and pick up some more germs! Actually, since the boys were sick they have ended up in bed with Eric and I more than once. To bribe them just a little, we told them they could go to McDonalds and have a Happy Meal if they would sleep in their own beds all night.We all had a great time playing together and washing our hands together when we got home!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dr. Mom?

So as most of you well know, it took me about 7 years to get my bachelor's degree. I am now beginning to think that that time would have been better spent in medical school! It has been a long week of ill children at our house, as well as many others I hear! Tysen has been the worse by far. It started with a cough, then strep throat, a huge shot, and now throwing up. He has been a trooper, taking his "bowl" wherever he lays and being patient while his brother and sister poke him while he attempts to rest. Anyhow I am just taking a moment to shut the door in the office and breathe! Tomorrow is another day....

Monday, January 14, 2008

....the darndest things!

Every year since Tysen was born he has gotten sick in January and had to be on the nebulizer machine with breathing medication. Well this year has started off no different and he had his first treatment tonight. Afterward, I asked him if the medicine made him feel wierd because it had been a while since he had had that kind. His response :

Tysen: "Yeah, it made me feel like Mack"

Mom: "Who's Mack?"

Tysen: "You know, the red ranger."

Anyways, we got a good laugh and we hope he feels better soon. I suppose feeling like a power ranger is not bad in the meantime!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Our Week In Pictures

These are just some random pictures from throughout the week at our house. For those of you who don't get to see the kids that much I thought they would be fun. Ady wanted to show off her new jeans that Uncle Kerry and Aunt Leslie bought her for Christmas and Tysen loves to wear "basketball shorts" like his dad so I bought him some new ones this week and he had to have his picture taken! I thought Adysen looked so funny in her new coat and hat that I couldn't resist this picture, she could barely move! Enjoy!

There are many times when my kids do something that Eric and I will think is hillarious but others don't find that funny. This may be one of those times, but I just had to share this. Ady got a new leap frog toy for Christmas that sticks to the fridge (magnetic) and plays music. Jacksen has been "choreographing" his own moves to each song and I caught one on tape. We laughed for a long time over this and hope you get a kick out of it too!