Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dr. Mom?

So as most of you well know, it took me about 7 years to get my bachelor's degree. I am now beginning to think that that time would have been better spent in medical school! It has been a long week of ill children at our house, as well as many others I hear! Tysen has been the worse by far. It started with a cough, then strep throat, a huge shot, and now throwing up. He has been a trooper, taking his "bowl" wherever he lays and being patient while his brother and sister poke him while he attempts to rest. Anyhow I am just taking a moment to shut the door in the office and breathe! Tomorrow is another day....


Bethany and Cameron

Oh yuck! I'm sorry for all of you! What a way to start the year.:( Hope Tysen feels better soon!

Paul & Daneen

Did our kids secretly play together because Carson has what Tysen has. And if I see anymore puke, I'm gonna puke.

Tim & Stephanie

I feel so bad for you..its like you just get through being sick and it starts all over again!

Stew and Traci

Ok well I hope I didnt pass the virus via computer...So sorry about Tysen. I personally am so over this sick stuff I am ready for some sleep at night. Good luck in the next days!