Monday, February 11, 2008

Strange....But True

We were so surprised to wake up to snow last week! It was a nice change to have some on the ground for once!

I had to post this strange picture as well, it is Adysen in her Mr. Potato Head glasses. She has been wearing them all over the house......maybe she's been having trouble seeing the TV?

Also, and maybe not so strange, is that Ady apparently shares her mother's addiction to the tabloids.

Finally, strange are the things my children seem to think of. I heard Adysen screaming and ran towards their bedrooms when around the corner they flew. Ady was in a laundry basket holding on for dear life as her brothers pushed her down the hall!


Tim & Stephanie

She's gonna be tough, thats for sure!

LeAnn and Cris

Cute pictures!! Cole gets rides too, but now he likes them!

Stew and Traci

ok my girls push eachother around in the legos box. on another note, I have a picture of myself sitting in a chair reading a book with yellow mr potatoe head glasses. I think they tainted my eyes. I am stuck with glasses for the rest of my life...LOL! Lani your kids are too cute. Especially your girlie!

Bethany and Cameron

LOVE LOVE LOVE the last pic--that is soooooo a keeper!:) They sure do look like they keep you busy! Adysen already looks really creative!:) She's such a cutie!