Tuesday, January 13, 2009

They're crackin' me up

My kids have been saying some of the most off-the-wall stuff lately! I love to read all of your kids' crazy comments and so I'd thought I'd share a few!

Tysen: Mom...(deep sigh)...I really don't want to say the "F" word.

Me: WHAT!!! What do you mean the "F" word???

Tysen: Well, I really didn't want to say it...but your booty is getting..(in a whisper)...FAT.

We were in church on Sunday and an older man was "resting" with his head on the seat in front of him. Since my children have been a little death obsessed lately, Jacksen said (of course totally loud) "mom, that guy is dead...he DIED in church!"

Mom: Tysen, pick up your toys, your room is a mess!

Tysen: When I have kids, they will never have to clean their rooms!!

Mom: Well, who is going to make your house look nice? Are you going to do it?

Tysen: Heck no, me and my wife are going to have a janitor.

We were at the doctor's office recently and there was a sad looking little doll in the toy bin meant to entertain kids in the waiting room. Ady picked it up and made the funniest look, she said "mom, she needs a bow!"


Bethany and Cameron

Those are awesome! I especially like Jacksen yelling about the dead guy in church--I can only imagine how red your face got!:)


As usual, your kids crack me up! I have tears from laughing so hard! Tysen has the right idea about the janitor, and you are so not the "F" word. Keep 'em coming!


I LOVE your kids! Can't wait to see them again!

Susie and Josh

Lani that is hilarious! Tyson is the cutest little boy ever!