Thursday, September 17, 2009

Yes, I am aware that I have been on a slight blog computer has a virus and won't let me upload new pictures....which is usually my motivation for posting.
I'm going to try and catch up but it could take a while....things don't slow down much around here.
Jacksen and Ty both started school a few weeks ago and are having a blast! They have great teachers and are learning lots of fun (and not so fun) stuff. They have picked up a couple of new phrases....ex. manboobs, buttcrack, and barf the cheese????? I am hoping they are short lived and they learn quick that not everything said on the playground is ok for home :)
Ady stays busy with me at home...she goes to an activity group and a mom and tot swim class. We have lots of fun taking trips to Flag to the baby doctor and shopping for her new baby sister. On our last trip she was dragging a huge pony around Marshalls....Grandma told her maybe Santa would bring it to her for Christmas and Ady (who is 2) said...but Grandma, its on sale! She is already quite the bargain shopper.
Football season is in full swing...Eric stays busy at work! The boys are also playing soccer so the weekends are busy now too. I'm trying to keep up with everyone....I mostly move with a slow waddle these days....only weeks left until we can meet baby girl Leonard, which may be her name if we can't agree on anything by then.

I'll end with some of the fantastic things that have come out of my children's mouths lately!

Tysen: "I have this new girl in my class...she is half French and half Human."

Adysen: (Mad at me for telling her no) "I don't like your baby anymore."

Jacksen: (He was feeling the baby kick) "You should kick her back."

Fun at Knoll Lake!!

First day of school!