Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mystery Diagnosis

So, something CRAZY is going on. I am sick ALL the time. Anything with any odor makes me want to....well you know. I want to eat all the time, you may not think that unusual as much as I enjoy eating, but now it takes me a year to decide what tastes good, if it should be cold or hot, to dip or not to dip.....and on and on until finally I make something only to find out it smells funny and I'm not eating it. Besides all that, my favorite jeans will not even zip up!! Did I mention if I sit down I fall asleep? What is going on?



You are funny!! Should we say congrats!??

Green Acres

Awesome! You and Eric are amazing parents. We were so impressed with you both, and your family when you stayed with us! What a lucky little baby!! Good for you all!! Hope you get feeling better! Love ya, Kristin


You are so funny! Congrats! It was fun seeing you at the party the other night.

The Greens

ha ha ha you're cute! Official congrats now!!!!


Hmmm, that's a tough one. Sorry you are having all those weird symptoms, but I do have to say I am so excited for you guys!! Congrats!

David and Alissa

It sounds to me like you have lupus. What a bummer!

Kristi Tausinga

Ha sounds like congrats are in order......:) :)

Green Acres

Ok, now my mind is working on what you will name your new little one...My best friend has a daughter, they named "Macyn" like Mason, or for you, "Macen, or Maycen" it kind of works for a boy or girl. She has four boys that are older, there is Carson, Jordan, Preston, and Logan. Good luck with that, oh and there is always "Kristen" hahaha. Love ya, Kristin

Green Acres more name I love, is Kayden!

Paul & Daneen

WOW! congratulations. so excited for you.


I logged on specifically because I hadn't been to your blog in a few weeks and I was wondering if you'd posted this :) I sure love ya mamma!

The Brewers

You and Nat...pretty close hubby says I can't have any more of your bows!!! Just Kidding...congrats!

Susie and Josh

Congratulations! I am really excited for you! Your an awesome Mom, and have beautiful children!